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GREEN building has come to Springfield, MO! With the building of the Green Circle Shopping Center at the corner of Republic Rd and National (South side of Springfield) and specifically the Dynamic Earth Equipment Center, eco-friendly construction is here to stay.  Past efforts to bring this to our fine city were not entirely successful; high costs coupled with lower than expected interest from home-buyers meant area builders and developers just couldn't make this a viable option from a financial standpoint and had to put future plans on hold ... however, with energy costs skyrocketing and new interest brewing, I am optimistic there are fresh projects on the horizon.

The National Association of Realtors now has a GREEN Designation for area realtors that are interested in being a part of the whole GREEN revolution. I will be earning this designation in a 3-day seminar in April along with many of my colleagues in the area.

So what is GREEN building? And how can you justify building GREEN if you aren't familiar with what that means or how to weigh the costs vs savings of such projects? I am a strong believer in education and I am learning something new all the time about the benefits of GREEN building. This is an exciting field and let's face it, wouldn't it be great to cut your energy costs of running your home in half?! Or maybe even be "off the grid" completely and have NO utility bill? There are fun projects that are in the works all over the country - I'd like to share this information with you so you will be better armed to make an informed decision in your future home building or remodeling projects.

If YOU are interested in more information OR have information to add regarding this fascinating and fun innovation in building and subdivision design, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to add your links, articles and information to this GREEN RESOURCE PAGE!

This website is a great place to begin. Mark Bennett and his son, Trevor, are newly settled in the Springfield, MO area but have 40+ years of building and remodeling experience, most recently in the area of GREEN building/remodeling.