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GREEN Building in Springfield, MO!
March 1st, 2009 1:08 AM

Building GREEN has finally come to the forefront of home construction and remodeling. Yippie!  Going GREEN has always been a smart idea, it just hasn't been a cost-effective idea from either a builder or buyer's point of view, until recently. Rising energy costs mean GREEN options become more affordable. If you look at energy costs as the carbon footprint of the home, ie. the energy consumption/conservation over the life of the home, then GREEN building options have made sense for a long time. Unfortunately, new construction is sold to a market of buyers who tend to look at a short, 3-5yr, ownership period before they either relocate to a new area or sell and upgrade to a larger/nicer home. From this vantage point, the buyer was comparing the cost of adding the GREEN alternatives to the savings these alternatives would bring over the life of their ownership and saying, "No."

All that is changing. Finally, it's cool to GO GREEN! We welcome a new builder to the area, Mark Bennett and his son, Trevor, who have recently settled here and are bringing their 40+yrs of building and recent experience in GREEN building and remodeling to this area. You can read about and contact them through their website:  http://www.TheICFBuilder.com 

GREEN building isn't just about building a more eco-friendly, energy efficient and healthy home ... it's also about locating this unique home in a conservation subdivision and someday it will be about adding some really fun ideas, like jogging trails that utilize the kinetic energy stored from the footsteps of walkers and joggers. I'd love to hear about innovations that YOU have heard about or experienced in YOUR town or neighborhood!

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Posted by Karen M Wilson on March 1st, 2009 1:08 AMPost a Comment

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